1. Docker + Localhost MySQL

    servers, linux, mysql, docker

    I was having the hardest time getting docker containers to connect to the hosts instance of mysql.

  2. Standard Notes Selfhosted Installation

    servers, linux, standardnotes

    What? Standard Notes is an opensource web-based notes application.

  3. Google Calendar API Sucks

    google calendar, api, rant

    <rant> I’ve been building a little enterprise app at work to deal with network maintenances and it has a good deal of Google Calendar integration.

  4. Another DoH Server

    web, linux, dns

    dns.ndo.dev With all the hype surrounding DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH), I wanted to try it out for myself and see what it was all about.

  5. dotfiles

    web, linux

    I’ve decided to share my dotfiles online, like many others. What is unique here, however, is the implementation details.

  6. Hangouts Emojis?

    web, reverse-engineering

    So I’ve been looking for a list of emojis and their text counterparts for google hangouts. This seems like a fairly easy thing for them to publish, right?

  7. Remember the Milk Syntax

    organisation, linux

    So, like any modern person on the internet today, we all have our own workflows. Our own ways of staying on top of our responsibilities. One of the key aspects of this, at least for me, is a solid application for notes and reminders. I’ve spent a lot of time searching around and trying out different solutions. The one I’ve settled on, for now, is called Remember the Milk.

  8. Retropie

    raspberry pi, side project, linux

    This is just a copy of my ‘to-do list’ for the RetroPie Raspberry Pi project.

  9. Raspberry Pi Speedtest

    raspberry pi, linux

    # Pi Wi-Fi Speed Test Okay guys, so I have been collecting Raspberry Pi’s here at my home like crazy. I guess I just keep coming up with new projects to do, and the Pi is perfect for the types of things I’m trying to do! One of the oddities I’ve run into, however, is the stark difference in Wi-Fi adapter speed between two different Pi 3 B’s I have.

  10. MagicMirror

    side project, self hosted, linux

    # Software: magicmirror github

  11. Setting up a Raspberry Pi

    raspberry pi, linux

    When setting up a Raspberry Pi, you first need to write an OS onto an SD Card so your device has something to boot from.

  12. Bash Intro

    linux, servers

    Easy Shell is a collection of useful boilerplate linux commands for the daily life of every linux user!

  13. iptables

    servers, linux

    Run the following. It’ll insert the rule at the top of your iptables and will allow all traffic unless subsequently handled by another rule.

  14. Smarthome Ideas

    side projects, linux

    Smart Home - Schöne Aussicht 10a I’ve begun assembling the beginnings of a nice little smart-home implementation here at my familys house in Germany. It consists mostly of lights / motion sensors and some voice assistants mixed in. However, its a nice start and has tought me a lot!

  15. Bash Aliases

    servers, linux

    Ever needed a seed to generate random passwords or keys? Here’s an easy way to generate a few different variations of random characters directly in bash!

  16. Nextcloud Setup

    side project, self hosted, linux

    So you want to install your own dropbox like cloud storage service? Well you’ve made the right choice with nextcloud! Its relatively easy to install and maintain and has a vibrant community and full app store of its own! So without further adieu, lets begin!

  17. Lynis - Linux Server Auditing

    servers, linux

    So you’ve got your system up and running the way you like it, but your wondering what else can I do to harden my server?

  18. vsftpd Setup

    self hosted, servers, linux

    So an FTP server is often one of the first things people want to setup on a new server. I recently setup two, one on my Raspberry Pi for making a 2TB USB Drive available in my home, and another somewhat more secure one on my VPS to transfer files back and forth. So anyway, lets just right in.

  19. Bash Operators

    servers, linux

    These are called shell operators and yes, there are more of them. I will give a brief overview of the most common among the two major classes, control operators and redirection operators.

  20. Tripwire

    self hosting, servers, linux

    Here’s a great little program to keep an eye on your system files to make sure no one inappropriate is changing them! I like to have this run in cron once a week and send me a report. When your first changing your system / installing things, a lot of false positives will be tripped. But, once you settle into your system and are not constantly installing things and changing config files – this is a super handy service to have running to keep a proactive key on your file security! [insert content]

  21. Bash Pipes

    servers, linux

    This table will hopefully help me keep the pipe madness in check. Am I overwriting or appending? Am I including StdErr? Etc…

  22. .bashrc_aliases

    linux, servers

    Hi All, So I’m contemplating putting up my dotfiles to github like many others, but mine really aren’t that complex, unmanageable, or interesting yet imo. So first of all, here’s my bash prompt (PS1):

  23. Logwatch

    servers, linux

    Logwatch is a pretty simple, but essential application in my server management arsenal.

  24. First 5 things to do with a new Ubuntu Server

    servers, linux

  25. the journey begins

    self hosted, personal

    like computer stuff? https://t.co/vvNY8SDXEk