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So, like any modern person on the internet today, we all have our own workflows. Our own ways of staying on top of our responsibilities.

One of the key aspects of this, at least for me, is a solid application for notes and reminders.

I've spent a lot of time searching around and trying out different solutions.

The one I've settled on, for now, is called Remember the Milk.

They have many channels for interacting with your notes, including mobile apps (iOS / Android), Desktop apps (including a client of Linux! [via electron]), a modern web app, as well as a full featured command line client.

This app checks all my boxes:

  • Beautiful, modern interface
  • Ability to export tasks into neutral format
  • Linux Desktop client
  • Android Client
  • Ability to very quickly add short tasks
  • Extensive Keyboard shortcuts
  • Commandline client [BONUS]
  • Google Assistant "client" [BONUS]

So I just want to gather all my search operators and shortcuts here so that I may be able to quickly refer back to them here:

Smart Add

Due Date          -         ^ date/time
Priority          -         ! priority
List and Tags     -         # list/tag
Location          -         @ location
Repeat            -         * how often
Time Estimate     -         = time est.
URL               -         Begin with http://


-V, --version            output the version number
-p, --plain              do not use styled/colored text (overrides --color)
-c, --color              force the use of styled/colored text
-s, --status             toggle the display of the status spinner
-x, --completed [value]  set display of completed tasks (true/false/number of days)
-d, --hideDue [value]    hide tasks due more than n days from today (false/number of days)
-f, --config [file]      specify configuration file
-h, --help               output usage information


add|a [task...]                     Add a new Task
addList|al [name] [filter...]       Add a new List or Smart List
addTags|at [index] [tags...]        Add one or more tags to a Task
comp|x [indices...]                 Complete one or more Tasks
decPri|- [indices...]               Decrease the Priority of one or more Tasks
due [index] [due...]                Set the Due Date of a Task
edit [index] [name...]              Change the name of a Task
incPri|+ [indices...]               Increase the Priority of one or more Tasks
lists|l                             Display all lists
login                               Add RTM User information
logout                              Remove RTM User information
ls [filter...]                      List all tasks sorted first by list then by priority
lsd [filter...]                     List all tasks sorted first by due date then by priority
lsp [filter...]                     List all tasks sorted first by priority then due date
move|mv [index] [list...]           Move Task to a different List
planner [start] [filter...]         Display tasks in a weekly planner (start: sun, mon, today)
postpone|pp [indices...]            Postpone one or more Tasks
pri|p [index] [priority]            Change Task Priority
remove|rm [indices...]              Remove one or more Tasks
removeList|rml [name...]            Remove a List
removeTags|rmt [index] [tags...]    Remove one or more tags from a Task
renameList|mvl [oldName] [newName]  Rename a List
reset                               Reset cached task indices
tags|t                              Display all tags
uncomp|unc [indices...]             Mark one or more Tasks as not complete
whoami                              Display RTM user information
today                               Display prioritized tasks and tasks due or completed today

I hope you guys like RememberTheMilk as much as I do and a big thanks to their devs!