Core-team member of NextAuth.js, a serverless authentication library for Next.js. Supports OAuth and Email login. Backendless via JWT or bring your own database.
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NewTelco Landing
Browser 'New Tab' page for employees. Includes department shortcuts, GDrive latest file list, company directory, notes and CRM integration.
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React component for selecting timezones with 50k+ downloads per month 🎉
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COVID-19 Data API for the German Government's #wirvsvirus hackathon. Built with AWS Serverless tech.

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NewTelco Homepage 2021
Homepage redesign for NewTelco GmbH (2021).
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NewTelco Homepage 2020
Homepage redesign for NewTelco GmbH (2020).
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Time-off management application for making, approving, and auditing vacation/sick/business trip requests. With reporting charts and Excel exports.
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Network Maintenance
Application for managing, organizing, and auditing Network Maintenance requests from suppliers and informing appropriate customers. Automates Email, Calendar, etc. management.
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Youtube Playlists
Side-project for creating YouTube Playlists on-the-fly. Installable PWA which makes use of the Web Share Target API among other things.
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NOC Dashboard
Network Operations Center Dashboard which is designed to be displayed 24/7. Contains metrics graphs from Grafana and live video feeds transcoded via ffmpeg for displaying in the browser.
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