Core-team member of Auth.js (ex NextAuth.js) - authentication for the Web! 20k+ GitHub Stars
Self-hosted read-it-later / rss-reader application made with Next.js, Prisma, Supabase. 600+ GitHub Stars
NewTelco Landing
PWA Company launcher and browser 'New Tab' page. Includes department shortcuts, GDrive latest files, directory, notes and CRM integration.
Checkly Homeassistant
HomeAssistant custom component for turning Checkly checks into HA sensors.
React component for selecting timezones with 120k+ downloads per month 🎉
COVID-19 Data API for the German Government's #wirvsvirus hackathon. Built with AWS Serverless tech.

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NewTelco 2021
Dark-mode homepage redesign for NewTelco GmbH (2021).
NewTelco 2020
Light-mode homepage redesign for NewTelco GmbH (2020).
Absence management application for making, approving, and auditing vacation/sick/business trip requests. Includes admin dashboard with reporting, charts, and Excel export.
Network Maintenance
Internal application for receiving, creating, and auditing Network Maintenance requests from suppliers and semi-automatically informing customers. Strong integration into many Google Workspace products.
Youtube Playlists
Side-project for creating YouTube playlists on-the-fly, shareable via state in the URL.
NOC Dashboard
Network Operations Center Dashboard which is designed to be displayed 24/7. Contains metrics graphs from Grafana and live video feeds transcoded via ffmpeg for displaying directly in a browser on a large display.