ProtonBridge Headless Mode

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Windows 11 on Proxmox
4 min read

Update 2: Proxmox has added support for adding vTPM devices to a VM with 7.0-13. For more details, check out their docs. > Update: I've discovered a great new Windows 11 MediaCreationTool modification repo on Github. This will download the official Windows 11 ISO from Microsoft and adjust it to allow installation without TPM, SecureBoot, etc. There are a few options for generating the image, including language and Windows edition (Pro/Enterprise/Home) as well as which Windows Version you're coming from. Check it out here: AveYo/MediaCreationTool.bat

Link Screenshot Previews
12 min read

I stumbled upon 's UI/UX experiments at recently and was super inspired by the 'hover links for their screenshots' one. The gist of the idea is to show users a visual preview of the link they may be about to click. Upon playing with his implementation I knew I wanted to try building it for myself! Before I go into much further detail here, you can save yourself a bunch of work and use 's API which is designed for exactly this use-case. They offer an endpoint with a free plan that lets you generate 100 requests / day to which you can pass not only the URL you want to screenshot, but also some additional fancy stuff like backgrounds and browser overlays, etc.

Tailwind Read Progress Bar
5 min read

Update: CSS is getting a native @scroll-timeline that will make this much easier! See Kevin Powell and Adam Argyle work with it in Chrome Canary here. You can also check out the CSS Spec for scroll-linked animation. It's that time of year again where I decided to rewrite my personal website 🎉

Github Codespaces
4 min read

Github announced their new web based development environment called Codespaces at their Event. To be honest, this was the feature I was most excited about this year. And this evening, I finally got the email that I have access to the beta version of it! First things first, I had some trouble finding out how to launch a codespace for a given repo. I navigated around the repo README page a bit, and eventually found the option under the green "Code" button, where you can open the collapsible menu that contains the clone URL. There is now also an option to open the repo in a new codespace / a list of any existing codespaces for that repository.

libvirt qemu VMs
5 min read

With a fresh desktop linux install, I wanted to avoid installing VirtualBox again and finally learn how to setup a KVM VM with tools such as qemu and libvirt. libvirt is a management tool that can be used to talk to hypervisors such as qemu. This simplifies working with qemu - the actual tool which does the hardware emulation.

Plex Setup
12 min read

This post will be mostly documentation for myself, but I also want to share with the world my setup for my personal media server. ## Preparation

HomeAssistant RaspberryPi 4
4 min read
Introduction Quick wrap up of how to install HomeAssistant on a fresh RaspberryPi OS (32-bit) install.
Introduction I hadn't played video games in what felt like ages, but suddely a strong urge to get back into Overwatch overcame me..
My journey to serverless and back
8 min read
Introduction So I've had some experience with the whole "serverless" thing over the past few months. A few cloudflare workers, a netlify function here or there to spice up a static site. But a full-on serverless function based project was not something I'd decided to take on. Until now.
Docker + Localhost MySQL
3 min read

I was having the hardest time getting applications in docker containers to connect to the instance of mysql runnning on the host. I finally found a great solution, so I figured I'd post it here for myself and so that others may find it as well.

Standard Notes Selfhosted Installation
3 min read
What? Standard Notes is an opensource web-based notes application.
Google Calendar API Sucks
2 min read

I've been building a little enterprise app at work to deal with network maintenances and it has a good deal of Google Calendar integration. Please tell me if this makes sense to you..

google calendarapirant
My own DNS-over-HTTPS Server
5 min read With all the hype surrounding DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH), I wanted to try it out for myself and see what it was all about.
Remember the Milk Syntax
3 min read

So, like any modern person on the internet today, we all have our own workflows. Our own ways of staying on top of our responsibilities. One of the key aspects of this, at least for me, is a solid application for notes and reminders.

3 min read

This is simply a collection of links, plugins, and parts used to build my "MagicMirror". As can be seen in the cover photo, this consists of a monitor, a two-way mirror, and (optionally) a wooden frame. You can check out my implementation below. As can you see, I've elected to not build a wooden frame. That was an aethestic choice, of course.. Nothing to do with my fantastic wood working skills of course.. 😅

side projectself hostedlinux
3 min read

This is just a copy of my 'to-do list' for the RetroPie Raspberry Pi project. I created this for my brother as a gift for his university graduation a few years ago.

raspberry piside projectlinux
Setting up a Raspberry Pi
6 min read

When setting up a Raspberry Pi, you first need to write an OS onto an SD Card so your device has something to boot from. ## Operating System

raspberry pilinux
Lynis - Linux Server Auditing
2 min read

So you’ve got your system up and running the way you like it, but your wondering what else can I do to harden my server? Lynis to the rescue!

vsftpd Setup
4 min read
Intro So an FTP server is often one of the first things people want to setup on a new server. I recently setup two, one on my Raspberry Pi for making a 2TB USB Drive available in my home, and another somewhat more secure one on my VPS to transfer files back and forth.
self hostedserverslinux
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Here’s a great little program to keep an eye on your system files to make sure no one inappropriate is changing them! I like to have this run in cron once a week and send me a report. When your first changing your system / installing things, a lot of false positives will be tripped. But, once you settle into your system and are not constantly installing things and changing config files – this is a super handy service to have running to keep a proactive key on your file security! [insert content]

self hostingserverslinux