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RRaspberry Pi Speedtest

2018-04-062 Min Read — InLinux

Pi Wi-Fi Speed Test Okay guys, so I have been collecting Raspberry Pi's here at my home like crazy. I guess I just keep coming up with new projects to do, and the Pi is perfect for the types of things I'm trying to do! One of the oddities I've run…


2018-04-064 Min Read — InSide Project

This is just a copy of my 'to-do list' for the RetroPie Raspberry Pi project. I created this for my brother as a gift for his university graduation a few years ago. The Raspberry Pi 3B+ was powerful enough to emulate everything up to the N64 / PS…

SSetting up a Raspberry Pi

2018-04-052 Min Read — InLinux

When setting up a Raspberry Pi, you first need to write an OS onto an SD Card so your device has something to boot from. Operating System To get your Pi up and running, first download an OS. For beginners I suggest Raspbian. Its a Debian based OS…