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MMy journey to serverless and back

2020-03-296 Min Read — InWeb

Introduction So I've had some experience with the whole "serverless" thing over the past few months. A few cloudflare workers, a netlify function here or there to spice up a static site. But a full-on serverless function based project was not…

GGoogle Calendar API Sucks

2019-11-062 Min Read — InWeb

<rant> I've been building a little enterprise app at work to deal with network maintenances and it has a good deal of Google Calendar integration. Please tell me if this makes sense to you.. When creating an event you get an event object back with…

HHangouts Emojis

2018-04-152 Min Read — InWeb

So I've been looking for a list of emojis and their text counterparts for google hangouts. This seems like a fairly easy thing for them to publish, right? Wrong. It also was only dug up in parts by people around the web. So I was lucky enough to find…