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2018-04-066 Min Read — InSide Project

Software: magicmirror github Install: Configure RPi Autostart JessieLite Install Core: Voice related modules Remote Control (Web Server) Profile switcher Buttons Carousel Rotate of modules Keybindings (Bluetooth Remote) Internet Connection Status…


2018-04-064 Min Read — InSide Project

This is just a copy of my 'to-do list' for the RetroPie Raspberry Pi project. I created this for my brother as a gift for his university graduation a few years ago. The Raspberry Pi 3B+ was powerful enough to emulate everything up to the N64 / PS…

tthe journey begins

2018-02-161 Min Read — InSide Project

Thanks for joining me on this journey. I plan on using this site to document my trials and tribulations in the linux world. Hopefully it can help others who are having similar problems as I am bound to have. Hopefully it can also help future me who…